Featured Projects

Seaglass Condominium

27 story (currently under construction)
Bonita Bay, Florida

Echelon Condominium
18 story (currently under construction)
Sarasota, Florida

35 story apartment building (currently in permitting)
St. Petersburg, Florida

(currently under construction)
Clearwater, Florida

The Strand
(currently in design)
Clearwater, Florida

Hampton Inn 
14-story concrete frame
16" diameter displacement pile foundations  
Clearwater, Florida 

Aria Condominium
16 Luxury Residences and Amenities
Longboat Key, Florida

Historic Villa Am Meer Clubhouse Renovation for Aria Condominium
Longboat Key, Florida

B&W provided design for a structural system upgrade using Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced-Polymers (CFRP) and embedded high performance concrete (SCC) beams.  A high tech solution for a 75 year old conventional structure.  


  B&W Structural Designs tallest building design of 220 meters/720 feet
Malathek Office Building located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

B&W Structural Designs finite element foundation geotechnical study
Former 52-story Trump Tower Tampa condominium in downtown Tampa, Florida.  A conventional foundation design was not appropriate due to the variable limestone geological formations. In response, the B&W design team worked together with geotechnical engineers to create a two-fold geological/structure finite element model to determine the proper foundation/structure combination for the 52-story structure.

  B&W Structural Designs post-tensioned concrete floor capacity upgrade with Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced-Polymers (CFRP) 
Gainesville, Florida. 

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